As most people do when they first decide to go on a diet,  I tried every so called easy diet plan, and many not so easy plans.  After losing the weight it would always return and I would always be heavier than when I began.  It is fair to say I tried everything.  You see, I  became angry. I had some minor surgery which damaged my thyroid.  Till that happened, I had never had a weight problem.

Getting a sudden weight problem seemed very unjust.  I simply had to find  a solution that I could adopt as a way of life.  I wanted to reach a place where I would never again have to think about my weight, my appearance or my choices of food.

The discovery I made five years ago, gave me exactly what I had hoped for. From the time I began My own Plan, I lost all the weight and to this day, I have never again had to worry about my weight.  This truly is  the elusive permanent weight loss I had hoped for for so long.  I was recently encouraged to make my information public.

My easy diet plan is a completely new way to deal with weight problems.  All I have needed to do is make a small adjustment to my lifestyle.  I do not cut down on the amount of food I eat, I do not count my calories and I do not worry about my lack of exercise.  In fact, because I no longe have cravings, I do not think about food till close to meal times when my body reminds me that I am hungry.

When I first started to look for the right way to diet, I quickly discovered that every hard earned weight loss comes with a price tag.  You see, the weight you have lost always comes back and when it does, it turns out to be more than you started with.  Each time we diet, our  metabolism becomes more confused and unreliable. That was partly the reason I wanted to find a better way to handle my weight problem  permanently.  I also hoped it would lead me to a way to reverse the damage already caused by so many reckless diets.

I had managed to live for forty years without a weight problem.  In all that time I paid no attention to my weight.  I did not need to.  My diet was varied and included sweets and even fast foods sometimes.  I can point to just one major difference between the forty years prior to my thyroid problem, till the time five years ago when I made my discovery.  Cravings!  That was something completely new to me.

In my youth, people took their metabolism for granted. Few people would have given it a thought.  Then, some thirty years ago, Nutritionists appeared, with  new pseudo science and they preached about what they called diet and nutrition.  No one seemed to care that these new ideas conflicted with the food our metabolism had always been accustomed to.

Suddenly it became un-cool to eat like our grandparents did. Instead we were expected to eat only ‘healthy’ food, a description which seemed to ignore the food we were accustomed to.

Nothing is more seductive to young people, than new ways to replace old things.  Unfortunately, that came to include our diet. Now we can look around and witness  what has already been describe as a serious epidemic. More than sixty percent of people are now overweight.  Sadly, that now includes children. This would have been thought unbelievable a few decades ago.

Today we have something called type2 diabetes.  That too is growing in epidemic proportions,  and that was also never heard of till fairly recently.

I have noticed that lately, using the word permanent has become common in many inappropriate instances.  i want to be sure my own  use of that term is fully understood.:  When i say ‘permanent weight loss’, I mean you will not need to diet again.

I know my easy diet plan will help many families, as well as individuals to get a permanent healthy weight loss. If you are over weight, I hope you will be one of them.

Kirsten Plotkin is an expert on how to lose weight without a diet. If you are interested in that subject, I strongly recommend her book My Own Plan. It will give you a proven record of five years successful permanent weight loss without a diet or calories. If you have lost hope then this is the book you have been waiting for.

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